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Advanced Physician Training

Welcome to Vein Specialists Training & Expert Education for the Clinical Phlebology Practitioner

The purpose of Vein Specialists’ advanced physician training in venous disease is to offer the actively practicing phlebologist additional tools needed to optimize their performance and that of their practice. The key to developing a successful and sustaining venous practice includes the use of logical diagnostic and treatment algorithms, expert performance and interpretation of protocol based noninvasive duplex evaluation by registered and experienced vascular sonographers. Education of the individual patient, the general public community and of your potential physician referral base are also the cornerstones of a successful practice and help to build a balanced referral base. Our passion at Vein Specialists is in the education of others regarding venous insufficiency. We believe the current technologies including thermal ablation with radiofrequency (ClosureFAST or LASER) energy and medical adhesive closure (Venaseal) is our best bet in terms of treating patients safely and effectively.

Vein Specialists’ advanced physician training program is an immersion experience for physicians where they can closely observe 10-14 endovenous ablation procedures per day for 1, 2 or 3 days. Physician exposure to microphlebectomy and ultrasound directed foam (Varithena) injection sclerotherapy are also available. Private training sessions allow for more intimate discussions to occur regarding the finer points of the procedures, pearls and other “tricks” we have developed to successfully complete endovenous ablations without having to struggle for access, proper leg position or adequate anesthesia. Vein Specialists offers ethical treatment plans and reserves endovenous ablations for patients with significant signs or symptoms of venous insufficiency in the setting of significant superficial reflux disease. Our interest in training physicians is founded in the goal of ensuring the highest quality of vein care for as many patients who will eventually benefit from endovenous therapies. Thus, Dr. Magnant is willing to train physicians from specialty backgrounds including Vascular surgery, Interventional radiology, invasive cardiology and general surgery with hands on experience in phlebology, who aspire to practice quality venous medicine.

1 Day Advanced Vein Specialists Training

Welcome to Vein Specialist Training
Expert Education for the Expert Practitioner

1-Day Advanced Course:

Workshop and Live Models Course Description
1) Advanced Endovenous Thermal Ablation
2) Advanced Diagnostic Duplex Ultrasonography
3) Advanced Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy
4) Advanced Ambulatory Phlebectomy
5) Advanced Sclerotherapy
Training Dates On Demand

2 Day Basic Vein Specialists Training

Welcome to Vein Specialist Training
Expert Education for the Expert Practitioner

2-Day Basic Course:
Seminar and Live Surgeries Course Overview
Day A
Day B
Training Dates On Demand

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As the field of Phlebology (Vein Specialty) has expanded since the introduction of endovenous ablation in 2000, there remains a significant demand for well educated and trained vein specialists to provide competent care to the expansive population of patients who have undiagnosed or misdiagnosed venous insufficiency. Dr. Magnant offers didactic and clinical training for physicians of all backgrounds who are committed to excellence in performance. One day advanced courses are offered for the more experienced physician who is interested in fine tuning their skills, increasing efficiency, reducing procedure costs and being exposed to a high volume of a variety of endovenous ablations and sclerotherapy cases.

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  • We are the only IAC Accredited Vein Centers in Southwest Florida
  • We are Board Certified Surgeons
  • We have IAC Accredited Vascular Labs with full-time Registered Vascular Sonographers
  • We are a Medtronic Center of Excellence for physician training
  • We offer the latest technology in vein treatments including: ClosureFAST, LASER, VenaSeal, and Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS).

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