Explore the Benefits of Compression Therapy

Do you suffer from swollen legs or ankles? Then you may be a good candidate for compression therapy. It’s understandable to be confused about when compression socks are needed and when they are effective. There is a lot of misleading information online that lumps everybody with swollen legs or ankles in the same category. Getting compression therapy advice specific to you is easy at Vein Specialists. We’ve been helping people get relief with compression therapy for decades with a variety of compression hose or other devices.

Benefits of Compression Therapy

There’s a difference between something advertised as having “compression” and medical-grade stockings. Wearing medical-grade stockings applies a specific amount of pressure to your legs and ankles. This promotes proper blood flow and thereby reduces swelling. Compression therapy is a very effective first step for swollen legs and ankles, but not everything labeled “compression” is going to get results. Dr. Magnant and his Advanced Providers can determine what exactly you need and if you will require additional treatment. Schedule an appointment to further explore your options.   

Here’s What Compression Therapy Helps

Compression therapy is used to treat a variety of health conditions, including but not limited to:

Swollen Ankles

Do you get swollen ankles after standing, sitting, for long periods of time? Maybe you don’t experience pain or discomfort. Even so, consistent swelling is an issue that should be explored. Compression therapy is a simple and easy initial treatment for swollen ankles.

Swollen Legs

Swollen legs may be a little more concerning than swollen ankles – they may be a sign of a more serious, treatable condition.  Compression therapy does work as an initial treatment for swollen legs.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Perhaps your family physician has told you about Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). It may or may not show up as swelling. For many people Chronic Venous Insufficiency produces a tightness in your legs, pain when walking or discolored skin. All of that can possibly be treated with compression therapy. CVI occurs when there is poor blood return in the leg veins due to leaking vein valves.

Leg Ulcers

Leg ulcers are often associated with poor venous circulation and varicose veins. Compression therapy can enhance the healing of painful leg ulcers, including those that seem to take a long time to heal.


Edema or swelling is caused by fluid retention and accumulation in the legs. Recent studies have found that compression therapy can reduce the swelling caused by venous insufficiency.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a serious medical condition that occurs when a blood clot forms in a deep vein. Compression therapy may be part of the treatment plan for DVT. You should not take any chances with DVT. Get expert diagnosis and treatment today for DVT from Vein Specialists.

Do you get swollen ankles after standing or sitting for long periods of time? Maybe you don’t experience pain or discomfort. Even so, consistent swelling is an issue that should be thoroughly investigated. Compression therapy may be part of a simple and easy initial treatment for swollen ankles.

Can Compression Therapy Really Help?

Yes. Keep in mind the types of accessories and items used for compression therapy have evolved. World-class athletes in many sports use compression therapy. The level of compression in a stocking can be very specific. Our experts will make sure you get the right type for your condition. Plus, the appearance and comfort of compression stockings are at a level now where people want to wear them. And wearing them pays off. They function to support your veins, improve circulation, and reduce swelling by applying comfortable consistent external compression.

Inside Look – How Compression Therapy Works at Vein Specialists

Unlike other swollen leg treatment options, compression therapy does not require a medical procedure. You simply schedule an appointment with Vein Specialists. Dr. Magnant and his staff will measure your legs. Then they may prescribe medical-grade compression stockings. These will help relieve venous insufficiency related symptoms and signs. A hose trial is a helpful tool to determine how you may respond to venous insufficiency (perhaps a more serious condition) based on how much better your legs feel while wearing compression stockings.

Insurance companies often require starting with compression therapy before you consider other swollen leg or ankle treatments.  For example, even if you ultimately require endovenous ablation (closure of the leaking veins), many insurance providers will require starting a trial of compression therapy.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is a good candidate for compression therapy?

    If you suffer from swollen legs or ankles, then you may be a good candidate for compression therapy. Particularly if you’ve noticed these symptoms recently. Make an appointment with Vein Specialists today. 

  • Is compression therapy safe?

    Yes. Compression stocking therapy does not involve a procedure. It simply involves wearing medical-grade socks or stockings to relieve swelling in your legs or ankles and improve your vein-related signs or symptoms.

  • How does compression therapy reduce swelling?

    Compression therapy reduces swelling by increasing venous circulation. If your vein walls are weak, compression therapy can provide additional support improving circulation. It’s fast and easy to see if compression therapy will work for you. Make an appointment with Vein Specialists today.

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