How Do I Know if My Discolored Skin and Ulcers are Due to Vein Disease?

Why Vein Specialists?

Dr. Magnant opened the doors at Vein Specialists in Fort Myers in 2006 with a commitment to focus his vascular surgery practice 100% on the modern evaluation and minimally invasive therapy of venous disease. Vein Specialists has remained focused on venous disease management since day 1, and has continued to grow to meet the demands of southwest Florida over its history. The Bonita Springs office was opened in 2014 to better serve the patients of southern Lee and Collier counties. Dr. Magnant works alongside 4 advanced medical providers including 3 nurse practitioners and 1 Physician Assistant. The Vascular laboratory employs 8 full and part time registered vascular sonographers or technologists who are responsible for performing the diagnostic ultrasound examinations. Both offices are accredited Vein Centers and Vascular laboratories, certified by the prestigious Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC).

With the introduction of endovenous ablation technology in 2000, patients once thought to be too high a surgical risk for vein stripping became candidates for ultrasound investigation and minimally invasive, outpatient endovenous ablation procedures. Vein specialists treats the full spectrum of venous disease from spider veins to venous ulcers and everything in between including varicose veins, swollen legs, stasis pigmentation and stasis dermatitis. Dr. Magnant believes he owes it to his patients to offer the most advanced and time tested treatment technologies available including ClosureFAST (radiofrequency) and Venacure (LASER) thermal ablation techniques as well as Venaseal (medical adhesive) vein closure. Vein Specialists also offers ultrasound guided Varithena and Asclera injection sclerotherapy for medical venous disease indications in addition to liquid sclerotherapy for cosmetic indications. Dr. Magnant developed an interest in diagnosing and treating pelvic vein obstructions (iliac vein compression syndrome, May Thurner syndrome, pelvic congestion syndrome) in 2016 when he noted a small percentage of his patients were not candidates for the traditional closure techniques, yet still appeared to suffer from significant venous hypertension. This led him to construct and open a state-of-the-art interventional suite in May 2017 at the Fort Myers office location where he has offering selected patients diagnostic intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and IVUS directed iliac vein stent procedures.

Vein Specialists’ outpatient approach to the comprehensive management of venous disease and their performance of the full spectrum of minimally invasive venous procedures under local anesthesia with optional oral or IV conscious sedation (for IVUS cases, enables patients to avoid the risks of general or regional anesthesia, and other hospital-related inconveniences and ensures a safe, effective, efficient and nearly painless treatment and recovery.

Our A's of Success

1. Ability
Dr. Magnant and his staff of professionals have received the highest level of training in their respective areas, and continuous quality improvement efforts ensure that Vein Specialists is able to expertly diagnose and treat your venous problems with the latest available and proven technology. Both office locations are accredited Vein Centers and Vascular Laboratories by the prestigious Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC).

2. Affability
During the course of their care, patients often praise the positive, caring and compassionate attitude of the Vein Specialists’ staff and the unique, family like office environment, where patients really are treated as individuals.

3. Availability
Vein Specialists’ staff fully appreciate that their first responsibility is patient care. Their availability to patients and referring physicians for timely consultation and treatment is yet another defining attribute of Vein Specialists’ successful practice. Vein Specialists is a collection of professionals working together in an effort to make your patient journey as pleasant and efficient as possible. Dr. Magnant works in tandem with his Advanced Medical Providers, who provide initial new patient consultations and follow-up visits to discuss ultrasound results (interpreted and read by Dr. Magnant) and treatment options. All diagnostic and follow-up ultrasounds are performed by our highly qualified registered vascular sonographers. Dr. Magnant performs all of the venous procedures, including endovenous ablations, microphlebectomy and IVUS cases. Most of the sclerotherapy is performed by his advanced medical providers (nurse practitioners and physician assistants). This team approach allows for the maximization of the individual talents of each team member and ensures as efficient a time line as possible for your vein evaluation and treatment completion.

Our Distinction

Once a patient has been full evaluated, the ultrasound results will be reviewed with each individual patient and treatment options will be presented. Our practice is 100% focused on vein evaluation and treatment and we are proud to have earned accreditation in the Vein Center and Vascular laboratory categories from the prestigious Intersocietal accreditation commission (IAC). Vein Specialists is one of just a handful of outpatient vein centers in the entire state of Florida which holds this coveted status as an IAC Accredited Vein Center, in both our Fort Myers and Bonita Springs locations. Vein Specialists’ state-of-the-art facilities are designed to ensure the highest quality of care, most current technology and finest clinical experience possible for patients. Dr. Magnant has trained physicians from around the country in the latest vein treatment technologies as part of Medtronic’s Centers of Excellence program.

Our Standard

Vein Specialists is 100% dedicated to the scientific evaluation and ethical treatment of patients with venous disorders. Led by Dr. Joseph G. Magnant, he and his team of Advanced Medical Providers and Registered Vascular Sonographers understand that the venous system varies between patients and consists of both deep and superficial venous systems and a network of connecting or perforating veins. As such, each patient’s venous anatomy must be fully evaluated by noninvasive methods to determine the underlying cause of patients’ signs and symptoms. Furthermore, ultrasound technology, in well trained hands, allows for the stratification of the severity and extent of venous insufficiency which is critical to determining the most appropriate treatment plan.

Our Mission

Our mission at Vein Specialists is to evaluate, educate, empower and enhance patients’ lives and functional well being by scientifically and objectively identifying venous problems and offering the most ethical and effective solution.

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Patient Testimonials

  • Vicki S.

    "Great experience. I have varicose veins and was experiencing tired painful legs. Aching at night and swelling. I have arthritis in my knees and come to find out a lot of the pain was from the vein disease. Dr. Magnant and his staff are kind and professional. My legs feel great now ... All around great experience and the results allowed me to live my life without the debilitating pain that was just getting worse over time. Thank you, Dr Magnant and staff."


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  • Melinda M.

    "If you are going ANYWHERE else to have a vein procedure, I feel sorry for you. Dr. Magnant and his staff are the BEST in the Biz hand down!"

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  • Kasia P.

    "Dr. Magnant and his team are amazing!! Long story short this is the doctor one should see for any vein issues. I am so glad he was the doctor I chose to treat my veins. He uses the latest technology and he is a highly regarded surgeon. He has years of experience and it was truly amazing to watch him close the veins with such an ease."

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  • Maryann Q.

    "I am absolutely thrilled to write this glowing review for Dr. Magnant and Eva at Vein Specialists. Today, I underwent the Varithena procedure on my right leg to address a lingering vein issue from my ankle. Dr. Magnant’s expertise and care were truly evident throughout the entire procedure ... A heartfelt five-star review hardly seems sufficient to convey my gratitude and satisfaction. If you’re seeking top-notch medical expertise, a positive experience, and a team that truly cares, look no further than Dr. Magnant and Eva at Vein Specialists."



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  • Jamie G.

    "Best care possible! Had to get vein treatment on both legs, so I had multiple visits, and each time the office staff was kind, as well as the medical staff being wonderful. Everyone was excellent at making me feel at ease. Thank you all for the exceptional care!!!"

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  • Mark M.

    "Thank you, Dr. Magnant and your outstanding staff for giving me 5 star service when you treated both of my legs at Vein Specialists!
    My legs feel so much better after your procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Magnant and his staff for anyone experiencing pain and discomfort in their legs."

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  • Lily B.

    "I am so glad that I came here. Every step of the process has been great. Everyone has been very kind and attentive. Dr. Magnant has done a wonderful job. I am now comfortable and confident with my appearance ... I highly this office for any vein procedure!"

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  • Charity H

    "My procedures and multiple ultrasounds were very comfortable with little to no discomfort. The doctor and staff are very knowledgeable and efficient with great respect for my well-being. Very satisfied and would definitely recommend."

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  • Lori N

    "I recommend Dr. Magnant and his practice to everyone I meet who has any problems with their legs because they are the VERY BEST! When you find the best, you don't need the rest!"

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  • Cathy B

    "I had two procedures done on my legs. I was nervous when I went in for the first one, but everyone took great care of me and calmed me down quickly. Dr. Magnant talked to me through the entire procedure and made me feel as if he truly cared about me as a patient. I highly recommend this practice."

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  • Ed C

    "Thanks Dr. Magnant for making me feel great. Continued success to you and your great team."

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  • Kelsey F.

    “I can’t say enough good things. Dr. Magnant is not only the best at what he does, but the compassion that he and his staff showed through my procedures has made this process so much more bearable.”

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  • Carole L.

    “Excellent provider, professional and personable. Explains the procedure, step by step, eliminating all concerns. Also, great staff. Caring and efficient.”

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  • Alex H.

    “I was so glad I went to Vein Specialists. After the ultrasound process, I received a thorough review of the results from Dr. Magnant and finally had an answer to why my legs were so sore! I look forward to getting the problem fixed in the near future by Dr. Magnant.”

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  • Joyce Z.

    “I had an excellent experience with Dr. Magnant and his wonderful staff at the Bonita Springs office.”

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Vein Specialists’ state-of-the-art facility is designed to ensure the highest quality of care and best clinical experience possible for patients. Dr. Magnant has embraced three key concepts to build a successful practice: ability, affability, and availability.

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  • We are the original IAC Accredited Vein Centers in Southwest Florida.
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  • We are a Medtronic Center of Excellence for physician training.
  • We offer the latest technology in vein treatments including: ClosureFAST, LASER, VenaSeal, Varithena, Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS), and Iliac Vein Stenting.