Benefits of Injection Sclerotherapy

If you’ve researched possible leg vein treatments, you are discovering that injection sclerotherapy may just be the ideal treatment for you. Here’s why: it’s a noninvasive, yet very effective outpatient procedure. Most people resume their normal activities in a very short time – unless you are involved in high intensity physical activity. You see and feel the benefits very quickly. Think about how nice it would be to eliminate the pain and irritation caused by varicose and spider veins with a treatment that takes about 30 minutes.

There are several types of sclerotherapy. Injection sclerotherapy offers several benefits over laser sclerotherapy such as:

  • Allows the Treatment of a Much Larger Area
  • Treats Diseased Veins in a Shorter Period
  • Involves Less Discomfort
Sclerotherapy procedure in foot veins
Sclerotherapy Procedure Calf Muscles

Understanding our Sclerotherapy Process

During the injection sclerotherapy procedure in our office a diluted FDA-approved chemical solution is injected into the problem vein through a tiny needle. The solution inflames the vein wall, which then closes off the vein. This procedure doesn’t cause the degree of burning and pain that is associated with the concentrated saline solutions used in the past or LASER spider vein treatments.
Injection sclerotherapy has advanced in recent years, and we offer the latest form of this treatment.

What to Expect After Sclerotherapy

Depending on the extent of your spider veins, the final results of injection sclerotherapy may take weeks or even months to be fully visible. Here are some other things you can expect after sclerotherapy:

  • Compression Socks – You are encouraged to wear compression socks for 72 hours after injection sclerotherapy treatment.
  • Direct Sun Exposure – You will need to avoid direct sun exposure or the use of tanning beds for two weeks following treatment to reduce staining.
  • Staining of the Skin – You should notice that most skin staining fades within the first 6 to 12 weeks following injection sclerotherapy (however, staining could last up to one year after treatment). Note that skin staining is simply the iron residue left from red blood cells. Staining is typically found in the upper layers of the skin.

Why You Should Choose Vein Specialists for Sclerotherapy

A board-certified vascular surgeon, Dr. Magnant is a renowned vein specialist with extensive experience in sclerotherapy. With 30 years of experience evaluating and treating patients with vein disease in Southwest Florida, he can determine if you’re a good candidate for the injection sclerotherapy procedure.

In fact, many doctors in the United States offering vein treatments come to Dr. Magnant to learn the latest techniques and treatments.
While the treatment is not complex, it does require a specialist. You can feel confident knowing you found one of the leading vein experts in the country to treat your leg veins.

You deserve relief from your unsightly spider veins. We have two convenient offices in Fort Myers and Bonita Springs. Schedule your consultation today and then you’ll be able to start your journey on the road to healthier, better-looking legs.

Calf muscles sclerotherapy from top in varicose veins

Sclerotherapy Ideal for Hand Rejuvenation to Regain Youthful Appearance

As we age, one of the most noticeable changes is the appearance of unsightly bulging veins in the hands. This happens when you naturally lose some of the elasticity and volume in the skin of your hands over time. Fortunately, sclerotherapy hand vein treatment has proven highly effective in reversing these aging effects and returning your hands back to their former glory.

Vein Specialists now offers quick, easy, painless, and extremely safe sclerotherapy hand vein treatment that will eliminate those bulging hand veins for good! This will enable your hands to return to their smoother youthful appearance.

During the sclerotherapy hand vein treatment process, a sclerosing solution is injected with a very fine needle into your protruding hand veins, causing them to become irritated and collapse. The problem veins are then absorbed into your body and blood reroutes to flow through healthier veins. Following the procedure, you may have to wear compression gloves for several days, but you can resume your normal activities almost immediately.

For more information about how sclerotherapy hand vein treatment can benefit you, schedule an appointment with Vein Specialists today.

Get Relief from the Pain and Discomfort of Vein Disease with Sclerotherapy

As one of the approximately 50 million Americans suffering from vein disease, you’ll be thrilled to know that sclerotherapy can safely and effectively resolve your unsightly spider and small varicose veins. Best of all, you can rely on the expertise and experience of Dr. Magnant and his dedicated team of Advance Providers at Vein Specialists for the latest and most innovative techniques in sclerotherapy.

Visiting Florida? Get expert vein care on vacation. 

Sclerotherapy behind knee

What Our Patients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you treat painful Spider Veins?

    Painful leg veins can be treated with injection sclerotherapy. Dr. Magnant and the expert team at Vein Specialists offer the latest and most effective techniques in injection sclerotherapy including Asclera™ cosmetic sclerotherapy & ultrasound guided foam Sclerotherapy.

  • What is injection sclerotherapy?

    Injection sclerotherapy is a highly effective outpatient procedure that can eliminate the pain and discomfort caused by varicose and spider veins. Using a very tiny needle, a chemical or a called Asclera™ “sclerosant” is injected into the vein. That starts a process that collapse that vein, routing blood to healthier veins.

    Schedule an appointment with Vein Specialists today to find out if you’re a good candidate for injection sclerotherapy.

  • Does injection sclerotherapy work right away?

    It depends on the size of the area and extent of vein disease. You may see results very quickly or it may take several weeks or months to fully appreciate the final results of the procedure. Dr. Magnant and his Advanced Providers will provide you with complete details of what to expect after sclerotherapy during & after your initial consultation.

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