Get Fast, Effective Relief from Painful and Unsightly Spider Veins

Think about how nice it would be to eliminate the pain and irritation caused by spider veins with a treatment that takes about 30 minutes and involves only mild discomfort.

Great news! As one of the approximately 50 million Americans suffering from vein disease, you’ll be thrilled to know that injection sclerotherapy vein treatment can safely and effectively improve the appearance of your unsightly spider veins and in many cases completely erase them.

Best of all, board-certified vascular surgeon Dr. Joseph Magnant, a renowned vein specialist with extensive experience and expertise in sclerotherapy, along with his advanced medical providers who he has personally trained, offers the ease and convenience of leading-edge injection sclerotherapy treatment at our offices in Fort Myers and Bonita Springs.

Before and After Image of Spider Vein Treatment
Actual before and after photos of injection sclerotherapy vein treatment patient.

“I can’t say enough what a great, pleasant experience my appointment was with Dr. Magnant and his staff. So professional in every way! The put me in the utmost relax state. It is with sincere thank you that my sclerotherapy went so beautifully.”

Pamela C
Fort Myers

Sclerotherapy Procedure Calf Muscles
Injection sclerotherapy treatment is best performed by an experienced vein specialist like Dr. Magnant.

Why You Should Choose Vein Specialists for Sclerotherapy

With 30 years of experience as a Vascular Surgeon and 17 years of experience evaluating and treating patients with vein disease in Southwest Florida, Dr. Magnant and his expert and experienced team can determine if you are a suitable candidate for injection sclerotherapy.

In fact, doctors from across the United States come to train with Dr. Magnant to learn the latest varicose and spider vein techniques and treatments.

While injection sclerotherapy treatment is not complicated, it is best performed by an experienced vein specialist like Dr. Magnant. You will have confidence knowing you have found one of the leading vein experts in the country to treat your leg veins.

Let’s face it. In Southwest Florida, it is shorts weather for most of the year. You do not want to wear uncomfortable clothes just to hide spider veins.

Join thousands of people who have chosen injection sclerotherapy treatment from Vein Specialists to get a renewed confidence in their appearance and an excitement about finally wearing their warm weather attire.

Schedule your consultation today and start your journey on the road to healthier, better-looking legs.

Explore the Benefits of Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment

If you’ve researched possible leg vein treatments, you may have discovered that injection sclerotherapy may just be the ideal treatment for you. Here is why: it is a noninvasive, yet very effective outpatient procedure for unsightly spider veins.

Most people resume their normal activities immediately after injection sclerotherapy – unless you participate in high-intensity physical activity. You should see and feel the benefits very quickly.

There are several types of sclerotherapy. Injection sclerotherapy offers several benefits over laser sclerotherapy such as:

  • Allows the Treatment of a Much Larger Area per Session
  • Treats Diseased Veins in Fewer Sessions\
  • Involves Less Discomfort
  • Applies to a Variety of Cosmetic Veins such as Spider, Blue or Green Veins and Telangiectasias

Visiting Florida? Get expert vein care on vacation!

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Understanding Our Sclerotherapy Process

Injection sclerotherapy has advanced in recent years, and we offer the latest form of this treatment. During the injection sclerotherapy procedure in our office, a diluted FDA-approved chemical solution is injected into the problem vein through a tiny needle under headlight magnification and illumination.

The solution (polidocanol) inflames the vein wall, which then closes off the vein. This procedure doesn’t cause the degree of burning pain that used to often be associated with the concentrated saline solutions used in the past or LASER spider vein treatments that may cause small blisters or scabs.

What to Expect After Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment

Depending on the extent of your spider veins, the final results of injection sclerotherapy may take weeks or even months to be fully appreciated. Here are suggestions for sclerotherapy aftercare to maximize your results:

  • Compression Socks: We encourage you to wear compression socks for 72 hours after injection sclerotherapy treatment.
  • Direct Sun Exposure: You should avoid direct sun exposure or the use of tanning beds for two weeks following treatment to reduce staining.
  • Staining of the Skin: You should notice that most skin staining fades within the first 6 to 12 weeks following injection sclerotherapy (however, staining could last up to one year after treatment). Note that skin staining is simply the iron residue left from red blood cells. Staining is typically found in the upper layers of the skin. This can also be treated by drainage of residual thrombus (clotted blood) and a diluted prescription of bleaching cream.

Get Relief from the Pain and Discomfort of Vein Disease with Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment Ideal for Younger Looking Hands
As we age, one of the most noticeable changes is the appearance of unsightly bulging veins in the hands. This happens when you naturally lose some of the elasticity and volume in the skin of your hands over time. Fortunately, sclerotherapy hand vein treatment has proven highly effective in reversing these aging effects and returning your hands back to their former youthful appearance.

Vein Specialists now offers quick, easy, painless and extremely safe sclerotherapy hand vein treatment that eliminates your bulging hand veins. Your hands will look younger nearly immediately! Your hands are one of the first things people notice and now they will notice how young you look.

During the sclerotherapy hand vein treatment process, a sclerosing solution (polidocanol) is injected with a very fine needle into your protruding hand veins, causing them to become irritated and collapse. The problem veins are then absorbed into your body and blood reroutes to flow through healthier veins. You may require several sessions to achieve your desired results.

Following the procedure, you need to wear compression gloves for several days, but you can resume your normal activities almost immediately.

For more information about how sclerotherapy hand vein treatment can benefit you, schedule an appointment with Vein Specialists today.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is injection sclerotherapy better than other options such as laser sclerotherapy?

    Injection sclerotherapy offers several benefits over other options such as laser sclerotherapy:

    1. It involves only mild discomfort.
    2. It enables the treatment of a much larger area.
    3. It treats diseased veins in a shorter period of time. The entire injection sclerotherapy procedure takes only about 30 minutes.
  • Can just any doctor or provider do injection sclerotherapy well?

    Ideally you should find a vein specialist practice that focuses 100% on vein evaluation and treatment. Avoid spas and Groupon-based centers where other cosmetic treatments are advertised.

    Knowing where to precisely inject comes with experience. That’s why you need to rely on the expertise of board-certified vascular surgeon Dr. Joseph Magnant and his team of advanced providers, who offer only the latest and best techniques in injection sclerotherapy.

  • Can I have injection sclerotherapy done while I am on vacation?

    Absolutely! You can enjoy the convenience of easy access to our world-class vein care treatment such as injection sclerotherapy while vacationing in Southwest Florida. Generally, the treatment should not inhibit the average vacation plan unless very rigorous activity is planned.

    Schedule an appointment with Vein Specialists today. We suggest you plan your consultation and treatments well in advance of your planned vacation time in Southwest Florida.

  • Does injection sclerotherapy work right away?

    It all depends on the size of the area being treated and the extent of vein disease. You may see results very quickly or it may take several weeks or months to fully appreciate the final results of your injection sclerotherapy treatment sessions.

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