“The course on varicose veins with Dr. Magnant exceeded my expectations. I partook in the two-day course, and they utilized the time to explore not only how to do the procedures technically, but how to actually do so as a practice as a whole. They provided full transparency into their operations – how to you garner patient referrals and from what sources, the complications of treatment, the workup of treatment, how to manage a vein practice, how to market it, how to bill it, and even went so far as to share their own proprietary marketing materials and documents with the hopes that they will be a springboard. What struck me most was that the practice is truly ethical. I mean this in the full sense of it, and it is a real question mark when embarking on strategies like this as we are well versed in practices that went astray. Dr. Magnant treats patients properly and ethically because he truly cares for helping people. I say this because it shows via the level of transparency in their course. If they were in this only for the money, the course would have been designed to show how to do the procedure. Good luck with that. Knowing how to do EVLT is likely only 10% of the total package. Instead, the level of transparency they provide is indicative that they truly want to see these novel and effective therapies deployed broadly, and for this, they are pushing hard to grow others to work in parallel with them. I give my highest recommendation to their course – they knocked it out of the park.”

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