How to Find the Right Vein Specialist

Joseph G. Magnant, MD, FACS, RVPI Today, it is important for patients to take an active role in researching their medical care. Fortunately, the internet is a great resource that provides patients with information to research health care providers along with the current available treatment options. Despite all the information regarding advanced medical treatments being…


What will you RESOLVE to do in 2016?

Joseph G. Magnant, MD, FACS, RPVI As each New Year dawns, many of us spend the weeks or months preceding the turning of the calendar contemplating potential New Year resolutions. I have RESOLVED to renew and further my commitment to the education of the general public and physician community regarding the wide variety of presentations…


Orthopedic Pain and it’s relation to Venous Insufficiency

Fran, an active medical office manager for her husband’s OB-GYN practice, decided to retire near the Gulf waters in Cape Coral. Happy in her Florida home, Fran immediately became involved in her community. She found herself on the go all the time. As she stayed busy with all of her activities, her knee began to…


Nighttime Urination? It could be your veins!

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