When many of us think of non-healing wounds, stubborn injuries like papercuts or blister that linger come to mind. In reality, non-healing wounds can be something much more serious. In fact, abnormal arterial or venous blood flow often cause them.

What Are Non-Healing Wounds?

Non-healing wounds are chronic wounds or cuts that do not readily heal and often fester for months on end. If left untreated, they can lead to serious health issues infections and, in rare cases, limb loss or amputation. Common signs of a non-healing wound include:

  • Swelling and Tension on the Incision
  • Irritation and Inflammation of Surrounding Skin
  • Discharge from Wound
  • Necrotic or Black Wound Edges
  • Change in Color
  • Foul Odor from Wound

Before and after image of wound care treatementsWhy Aren’t My Wounds Healing?

Wounds may not heal on their own for a range of reasons. The most common causes of non-healing wounds are:

  • Poor Arterial Circulation
  • Excessive Swelling due to Vein Disease
  • Underlying Infection
  • Poor Diet or Malnutrition
  • Certain Medical Conditions, such as Diabetes, Obesity and Smoking

What is the Cause of My Non Healing Wound?

These non-healing wounds are often a sign of an underlying treatable medical condition called venous insufficiency or venous disease.

The common issue with many wound center approaches is that they simply take care of the wound. They don’t determine or treat the underlying cause of the wound. Caregivers should perform a thorough vascular evaluation early in finding the cause of a wound. It needs to include arterial and venous studies.

What is Venous Disease?

Venous disease is the abnormal return of blood from the lower extremities due to leaking valves in the legs. Blood is unable to reach the proper places. It begins to pool in the lower parts of the leg and feet, weakening the skin in the area. This leads to thickened skin, which may lead to an ulcer. With even the slightest trauma to this area, an ulcer can occur, which are often difficult to heal.

Why You Should Choose Vein Specialists for Your Non-Healing Wounds

The best treatment for a non-healing wound focuses on the investigation of the underlying cause, not just wound itself. Our unique vein treatment approach considers you and your entire medical history to determine the underlying cause of your wound.

  • We begin with reviewing your entire medical history and an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ANRP) performs a physical exam.
  • We schedule most patients for an ultrasound to evaluate the vascular system and look for venous or arterial problems that may be the cause of the non-healing wound.
  • If we find a treatable issue, Dr. Magnant and his ARNPs will discuss your best treatment options.
  • In many cases, we use a minimally invasive treatment called endovenous ablation. This treatment seals the leaking vein and restores normal venous blood flow return.
  • This treatment, which closes the leaking vein, restores normal venous pressure. It allows your wound to heal faster and stay healed.
  • Treating your venous disease can prevent further vein related complications like permanent skin changes or vein bleeding.

CASE STUDY: A Young Hairdresser’s Journey through Venous Insufficiency

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Why Don’t Other Treatments Work?

Traditional treatment options like antibiotics or compression wraps (Unna boots) focus on treating the surface level wound. They do not address what is causing of the wound to be unable to heal. This is an incomplete approach to treatment. It will not achieve your desired long-term results of secure wound healing and reduced risk of reoccurrence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of doctors treat non-healing wounds?

It’s best to see an experienced vascular surgeon with expertise in both arterial and venous conditions for non-healing wounds. Dr. Joseph Magnant is an expert on the entire vascular system. He doesn’t just treat your wound, but he determines the underlying causes of the wound and treats it accordingly.

Who could be affected by non-healing wounds?

Non-healing wounds can affect people of all ages. However, poor blood flow and other medical conditions may increase your risk for these wounds. Know the signs and symptoms of venous insufficiency and consider a vein evaluation if you check multiple boxes in your venous self-assessment.

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  • Leg Swelling
  • Leg Skin Discoloration
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  • Leg Ulcers


  • Heavy Legs
  • Swollen Achy Legs
  • Itchy Leg Skin
  • Restless Legs
  • Nighttime Leg Cramps
  • Neuropathy

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