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Enjoy Quick, Highly Effective Relief from Symptoms of Venous Insufficiency or Varicose Veins with Varithena

Get off the sidelines and back to the activities you love with leading-edge Varithena varicose vein treatment from Vein Specialists!

In 2015, renowned board-certified vascular surgeon Dr. Joseph Magnant became the first physician in Southwest Florida to treat his varicose vein patients with Varithena (polidocanol injectable foam), a fast, non-surgical, highly effective and nearly painless varicose vein treatment.

Over the years, Varithena has become one of the most popular varicose vein treatments. With 31 years of experience as a Vascular Surgeon and 8 years of experience using Varithena to treat patients in Fort Myers and Bonita Springs, Dr. Magnant will create a customized vein care treatment plan to get you on the road to recovery very quickly! 

Varithena is the only FDA-approved foam treatment that improves the symptoms and appearance of painful and unsightly varicose veins and other presentations of vein disease such as swelling, skin discoloration, vein bleeding and venous ulcers.

Get relief from varicose veins with leading-edge Varithena treatment from Vein Specialists.

Varithena reduces the five symptoms our patients most commonly seek relief from including:

Achy Tired Legs Icon
Tired or Heavy Feeling Legs
Leg Muscle Cramps Icon
Achy Legs
Swollen Legs or Ankles Icon
Swollen Legs or Ankles
Burning or Throbbing Legs
Burning or Throbbing
Itching Legs Icon
Itching Legs

Here’s why people like you recommend the Varithena procedure at Vein Specialists:

  • High Success Rate (up to 94%)

  • Minimally Invasive

  • No Incisions or Stitches Required

  • Takes Less Than 30 Minutes

  • Performed in the Comfort of Our Office

  • No Downtime

What You Need to Know About the Varithena Procedure

Dr. Magnant and his team perform Varithena in both the Fort Myers and Bonita Springs offices as an outpatient procedure. Varithena is a premixed polidocanol foam that is injected under ultrasound guidance into residual leaky veins that may not have been able to be treated with Endovenous Ablation due to the location of the vein.

The Varithena microfoam fills and treats the diseased vein, which eventually collapses. The foam is then diluted in the bloodstream and flushed out. Blood is then diverted to other healthy veins in your leg.

Varithena treatment typically takes less than an hour. Common side effects of Varithena include minor skin irritation, itching, numbness or tingling, and minor swelling at the injection site.

After your Varithena treatment, you will be able to resume light activities as early as the same day of treatment. In addition, you will be encouraged to wear compression stockings for up to 2 weeks and will undergo follow up ultrasound study 2 weeks post Varithena treatment.

Varithena treatment from Vein Specialists allows you to resume the outdoor activities you love.
Dr. Magnant in scrubs
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Why You Should Choose Vein Specialists for the Varithena Procedure

The use of advanced techniques such as Varithena reflects Vein Specialists’ dedication to the latest technology and highest level of vein care. As Southwest Florida’s leading vein specialist, we offer the most innovative vein treatment options available at our state-of-the-art vein center offices in Fort Myers and Bonita Springs.

A board-certified vascular surgeon and one of the leading vein experts in the United States, Dr. Joseph Magnant offers 31 years of experience evaluating and treating patients with a wide variety of vein and vascular disorders. He will determine the appropriate vein treatment option for you and help you get back to looking and feeling your best.

If you have leg swelling or pain or visible varicose veins, please call today to schedule your new patient evaluation. Today’s vein treatments are so much less invasive than they used to be. You’ll feel better knowing there’s a treatment plan just for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Varithena covered by insurance?

    Varithena is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. However, insurance coverage may depend on your individual insurance company’s policy and on the severity of your signs and symptoms of venous disease. Check with your insurance provider for further details.

  • What is Varithena treatment like?

    Varithena is a minimally invasive and non-surgical treatment that usually takes less than an hour. It is nearly painless and involves just one or two needle sticks under local anesthesia.

  • How soon can I return to normal activities after Varithena treatment?

    You should be able to resume normal activities the same day as Varithena treatment. However, you will need to avoid strenuous exercise for at least a week and return in 2 weeks for a post procedure ultrasound exam.

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