Patient: MaryAnnBefore and After Endovenous Ablation for Disney Rash
Age: 48
Gender: Female

Background: The patient complained of a unique and recurring condition she referred to as the “Disney rash.” She reported experiencing the rash on her lower left leg specifically after visiting Disney theme parks and standing for extended periods. This intriguing clinical presentation led to further investigation.

Clinical Presentation: Upon examination, the patient exhibited a distinctive rash on her lower leg characterized by erythema (a reddening of the skin), discoloration and inflammation.

She stated that this rash consistently developed during her theme park visits. The patient mentioned that a similar condition (“Golfers’ vasculitis”) occurs in golfers who spend long hours on the golf course in hot weather.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

1. Ultrasound Evaluation: The patient underwent a comprehensive ultrasound evaluation of her lower extremities. This revealed significant great saphenous vein insufficiency. Saphenous is a specific vein in the leg.

2. Endovenous Ablation: Based on the ultrasound findings, the decision was made to proceed with endovenous ablation to treat the great saphenous vein insufficiency.

Outcome: Following the endovenous ablation procedure, the patient experienced complete resolution of her “Disney rash” within 24 hours. This marked improvement confirmed the association between her lower leg symptoms and venous insufficiency.

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Characteristics of Venous Insufficiency:
Venous insufficiency is a condition characterized by the inadequate functioning of the venous system, particularly the valves within veins.

The main issue is that the valves in your veins don’t close properly, causing blood to flow backward and increasing pressure in your veins. Over time, this can result in several complications, including:

Edema: Due to the accumulation of fluid in the lower extremities.
Skin Changes: Including discoloration, inflammation and the development of venous ulcers.
Symptoms: Such as aching, heaviness and discomfort in the affected area.

Discussion: The presented case highlights an unusual clinical manifestation of venous insufficiency known colloquially as the “Disney rash” and its rapid resolution following endovenous ablation.

The association between prolonged standing such as at Disney theme parks or during golf outings, and exacerbation of venous insufficiency underscores the importance of recognizing:

  • The Various Presentations of Venous Insufficiency
  • The Potential Impact of Lifestyle Factors on its Progression

Further studies may explore the exact reasons behind this phenomenon. This could help raise awareness among individuals who engage in activities that involve prolonged periods of standing in hot weather, potentially exacerbating venous insufficiency-related symptoms.

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