Venous Insufficiency as a Medical Disease, Not a Cosmetic Concern

What do Varicose Veins, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes mellitus have in common? If you have been told by your physician that your varicose veins are cosmetic or pose no immediate threat or that your swollen achy legs are just something you are going to have to live with, you might want to…

Venous insufficiency: an obscure and elusive disease

I have written more than 20 different articles over the past few years about venous insufficiency highlighting the different patient types and presentations of this common disease. Just when I feel as though I have seen every possible clinical presentation or story, another patient with a different story walks through our doors. It remains clear to me that our continued efforts at sharing our clinical experience regarding the various and often obscure presentations of symptomatic venous insufficiency are well worth it.