Solicite una Cita para el Tratamiento de Venas en el Suroeste de Florida Hoy

Especialistas en Venas ofrece tratamientos de vanguardia en nuestro moderno centro de venas, con oficinas tanto en Fort Myers como en Bonita Springs. Dirigido por el renombrado cirujano vascular certificado por la junta, el Dr. Magnant, y su experto equipo de especialistas en venas, Especialistas en Venas es el Centro de Venas Acreditado Original por la IAC en el suroeste de Florida.


En Especialistas en Venas, ofrecemos la última tecnología en tratamientos de venas, que incluyen Ablación Endovenosa, Escleroterapia, VenaSeal™, VeinGogh™ y más.

Si desea solicitar una cita en nuestra oficina de Fort Myers o Bonita Springs, llámenos al (239) 694-VEIN (8346) entre las 8 a.m. y las 5 p.m. de lunes a viernes. O simplemente complete el práctico formulario a continuación y uno de nuestros miembros del personal se comunicará con usted en un plazo de 24 a 48 horas hábiles. ¡Esperamos atenderle!

  • Vicki S.

    "Great experience. I have varicose veins and was experiencing tired painful legs. Aching at night and swelling. I have arthritis in my knees and come to find out a lot of the pain was from the vein disease. Dr. Magnant and his staff are kind and professional. My legs feel great now ... All around great experience and the results allowed me to live my life without the debilitating pain that was just getting worse over time. Thank you, Dr Magnant and staff."


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  • Melinda M.

    "If you are going ANYWHERE else to have a vein procedure, I feel sorry for you. Dr. Magnant and his staff are the BEST in the Biz hand down!"

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  • Kasia P.

    "Dr. Magnant and his team are amazing!! Long story short this is the doctor one should see for any vein issues. I am so glad he was the doctor I chose to treat my veins. He uses the latest technology and he is a highly regarded surgeon. He has years of experience and it was truly amazing to watch him close the veins with such an ease."

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  • Maryann Q.

    "I am absolutely thrilled to write this glowing review for Dr. Magnant and Eva at Vein Specialists. Today, I underwent the Varithena procedure on my right leg to address a lingering vein issue from my ankle. Dr. Magnant’s expertise and care were truly evident throughout the entire procedure ... A heartfelt five-star review hardly seems sufficient to convey my gratitude and satisfaction. If you’re seeking top-notch medical expertise, a positive experience, and a team that truly cares, look no further than Dr. Magnant and Eva at Vein Specialists."



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  • Jamie G.

    "Best care possible! Had to get vein treatment on both legs, so I had multiple visits, and each time the office staff was kind, as well as the medical staff being wonderful. Everyone was excellent at making me feel at ease. Thank you all for the exceptional care!!!"

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  • Mark M.

    "Thank you, Dr. Magnant and your outstanding staff for giving me 5 star service when you treated both of my legs at Vein Specialists!
    My legs feel so much better after your procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Magnant and his staff for anyone experiencing pain and discomfort in their legs."

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  • Lily B.

    "I am so glad that I came here. Every step of the process has been great. Everyone has been very kind and attentive. Dr. Magnant has done a wonderful job. I am now comfortable and confident with my appearance ... I highly this office for any vein procedure!"

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  • Charity H

    "My procedures and multiple ultrasounds were very comfortable with little to no discomfort. The doctor and staff are very knowledgeable and efficient with great respect for my well-being. Very satisfied and would definitely recommend."

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  • Lori N

    "I recommend Dr. Magnant and his practice to everyone I meet who has any problems with their legs because they are the VERY BEST! When you find the best, you don't need the rest!"

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  • Cathy B

    "I had two procedures done on my legs. I was nervous when I went in for the first one, but everyone took great care of me and calmed me down quickly. Dr. Magnant talked to me through the entire procedure and made me feel as if he truly cared about me as a patient. I highly recommend this practice."

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  • Ed C

    "Thanks Dr. Magnant for making me feel great. Continued success to you and your great team."

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  • Kelsey F.

    “I can’t say enough good things. Dr. Magnant is not only the best at what he does, but the compassion that he and his staff showed through my procedures has made this process so much more bearable.”

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  • Carole L.

    “Excellent provider, professional and personable. Explains the procedure, step by step, eliminating all concerns. Also, great staff. Caring and efficient.”

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  • Alex H.

    “I was so glad I went to Vein Specialists. After the ultrasound process, I received a thorough review of the results from Dr. Magnant and finally had an answer to why my legs were so sore! I look forward to getting the problem fixed in the near future by Dr. Magnant.”

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  • Joyce Z.

    “I had an excellent experience with Dr. Magnant and his wonderful staff at the Bonita Springs office.”

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¿Por qué elegir a Especialistas en Venas?

La moderna instalación de Especialistas en Venas está diseñada para garantizar la más alta calidad de atención y la mejor experiencia clínica posible para los pacientes. El Dr. Magnant ha adoptado tres conceptos clave para construir una práctica exitosa: habilidad, afabilidad y disponibilidad.


  • Somos los Centros de Venas Acreditados Originales por la IAC en el suroeste de Florida.
  • El Dr. Joseph Magnant es un Cirujano Vascular Certificado por la Junta.
  • Contamos con Laboratorios Vasculares Acreditados por la IAC con Sonógrafos Vasculares Registrados a tiempo completo.
  • Somos un Centro de Excelencia de Medtronic para la formación de médicos.
  • Ofrecemos la última tecnología en tratamientos de venas, incluyendo: ClosureFAST, LASER, VenaSeal, Varithena, Ultrasonido Intravascular (IVUS) y Stenting de la Vena Ilíaca.
Accredited Facility Vein Center from Intersocietal Accreditation Commission

Para obtener más información sobre nuestros tratamientos de venas seguros, mínimamente invasivos y altamente efectivos, programe una cita hoy.

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