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Do you have “Orthovenous” Disease?

When Orthopedic and Venous Disease Collide. “Orthovenous” disease you ask?  What is that?  Is that even a disease or a word?  Well…not exactly, but it is a neologism I have created to describe a much more common entity I have … Continue reading

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Check your veins before (or after) hip or knee replacement! Reduce your risks of complications.

This patient had left leg swelling for the past six months since his left total knee replacement. He had two ultrasounds which negative for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) yet his swelling and pain persisted. On further review of his history … Continue reading

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Choosing The Right Vein Specialist

At the Vein Specialists at Royal Palm Square, we are 100% dedicated to identifying and treating vein disorders. Led by Dr. Joseph G. Magnant, they understand that the venous system varies between patients and consists of both deep and superficial … Continue reading

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Your Veins Maybe Leaking?

Venous insufficiency, or leaky veins, is often the underlying cause of many seemingly unrelated symptoms. A thorough evaluation by a qualified vein specialist utilizing modern ultrasound techniques can expose that hidden culprit.

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