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What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins, also known as telangiectasia, are small veins close to the surface of the skin. Like varicose veins, spider veins contain damaged one-way valves that prevent proper blood flow through the vein. Typically, spider veins appear red, blue, or purple in color and resemble fine tree branches or spider webs. These tiny veins most often appear on the legs but can become visible on the face, especially on the nose and cheeks.

While spider veins pose no threat to your health and typically cause no pain, many people just like you seek out spider vein treatment to eliminate their unsightly appearance.

spider veins on legs

What is Causing Your Spider Veins?

Spider veins appear due to unhealthy valves inside the larger feeder veins in your legs, face, or hands. Damaged valves within your veins are causing blood to flow backward rather than upward toward your heard. This backed-up blood leads to non-functioning veins just beneath the surface of your skin, presenting themselves as spider veins.

You’re not alone. Millions of men and women of various ages experience spider veins due to both preventable and unpreventable causes. Some of the possibilities causing your spider veins include:

  • Heredity
  • Hormonal Shifts
  • Long Periods of Standing or Sitting
  • Pregnancy
  • Weight Fluctuations
  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Sun Damage

How to Prevent Spider Veins

While it may be impossible to prevent spider veins altogether, there are some things you can do to avoid getting more:

  • If you have an occupation that requires standing or sitting for long periods, take frequent breaks by standing up and walking around or have a seat and rest for a while
  • Wear medical-grade compression stockings whenever you can
  • Elevate your legs when you are resting
  • Age
  • Sun Damage

What are Spider Veins?

Eliminating spider veins is actually quite simple and painless. Here at Vein Specialists, we offer several noninvasive spider vein treatment options to give you back your beautiful, healthy legs. Our Board Certified Vascular Surgeon Dr. Magnant and the expert team at Vein Specialists will use state-of-the-art laser therapy to rid you of unattractive spider veins effectively. All of our spider vein treatments are outpatient procedures so that you can be in and out with fresh, beautiful legs in a short amount of time.

Some of our innovative, state-of-the-art spider vein treatment options include:


This spider vein treatment is an effective, non-invasive way to eliminate unsightly spider veins. While sclerotherapy is often done for cosmetic purposes, to improve your skin’s appearance, it can also reduce the aching, swelling, burning, and cramping that may accompany spider veins. 

When performing sclerotherapy on your spider veins, Dr. Magnant injects your damaged veins with a safe and effective sclerosant solution, which irritates the vein causing it to swell, close, and block blood flow.

Following your sclerotherapy spider vein treatment, you will see your spider veins fade within a matter of weeks to one month. Depending on the severity of your spider veins, you may need to return to our office for additional injections.


Another innovative spider vein treatment performed by Dr. Magnant is an Ohmic Thermolysis System treatment called VeinGogh. This minimally invasive procedure effectively eliminates small spider veins on the body, many times on the nose and face. Many VeinGogh treatments only require one session, but you may need more if you have larger areas that need treatment.

The VeinGogh spider vein treatment focuses tiny microbursts of heat on through a small, hair-thin probe on your damaged spider veins. This heat  coagulates the blood and collapses the vein wall causing it to fade from view and absorb into your body. While this technique to rid you of spider veins uses heat, it does not damage the outer layers of your skin.

When considering your spider vein treatment options, there are several benefits of VeinGogh treatment, including:

  • Little to no pain (might feel like a small pinch)
  • Fast procedure completed in a matter of minutes
  • Noninvasive
  • Absolutely no downtime
  • Instant visual results, with continuous improvement over the following weeks
  • Permanent vein elimination

VeinGogh not only works on spider veins, but it is also an effective treatment option used to eliminate:

  • Cherry hemangiomas (raised red freckles or moles)
  • Strawberry hemangiomas (raised freckles or moles)
  • Skin tags
  • Rosacea

Endovenous Ablation

While often used to treat varicose veins, endovenous ablation is also a highly effective spider vein treatment, especially for larger areas with multiple spider veins.

Endovenous ablation delivers radiofrequency or LASER energy through a micro-thin catheter into your diseased vein. These strong bursts of energy cauterize the targeted vein, causing it to seal closed and reroute blood flow to nearby healthier veins. This noninvasive spider vein treatment requires no incisions, and you can return to regular activity almost immediately.

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Why Choose the Experts at Vein Specialists

Vein Specialists’ revolutionary facility ensures you’ll get the best clinical experience and the highest quality of care possible. Dr. Magnant embraces three key concepts that have helped him build his highly-successful vein practice: ability, affability, and availability. He and his team of experts will deliver the results you want with unparalleled patient care.

You will get the best spider vein treatments around at both of our two convenient locations in Fort Myers and Bonita Springs. Accreditations and technology like ours won’t be found anywhere else.

  • We are the only IAC Accredited Vein Center in Southwest Florida.
  • Dr. Joseph Magnant is a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon.
  • We have IAC Accredited Vascular Labs with full-time Registered Vascular Sonographers.
  • We are a Medtronic Center of Excellence for physician training.
  • We offer the latest technology in vein treatments, including ClosureFAST, LASER,
  • VenaSeal, Varithena, Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS), and Iliac Vein Stenting.

Spider Vein Treatments to Enhance Your Quality of Life

Whatever spider vein treatment you choose, you make the right choice in vein care when you come to see Dr. Magnant. Our mission, here at Vein Specialists, is to effectively evaluate your condition, educate you on the causes and treatments, empower you with the chance to eliminate your vascular disease and enhance your quality of life through treatment.

There’s no reason you need to live with uncomfortable and unsightly spider veins. Our medical team is ready to give you the beautiful, healthy legs you desire. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, no. However, if spider veins appear during pregnancy or while on certain medications, they may fade after childbirth, or the medication is finished.

Spider vein treatments are typically not painful, but you may feel some discomfort if you require injections.

The cost of your spider vein treatment depends on the extent of treatment needed and which treatment you receive. Typically, spider vein treatments start around $450.

Unlike varicose veins, spider veins do not require medical treatment and are considered cosmetic procedures, which means that patients typically must pay out of pocket.

Spider veins can appear as early as your teenage years but typically show up in your 20s to 40s, becoming more visible with age.


While stress does not directly cause spider veins, it could exacerbate an underlying health condition and amplify varicose vein symptoms.

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