Get A Safe And Reliable Vein Treatment Consultation From The Best Vein Specialists Through Our Telemedicine Option.

Telemedicine Vein Evaluation Appointments Safely Ensure Your Vein Concerns Will Be Addressed By Our Staff Of Trained Professionals

Ideally, we prefer to see all New Patients in person in the office setting. As well, all ultrasound exams and vein procedures must be performed in the office setting due to obvious technological requirements. However, we have embraced Telemedicine visits to reduce the risk of unnecessary exposure to our patients and staff others during this difficult time in our history. You can still receive expert vein evaluation from Dr. Magnant and his Advanced Providers using Telemedicine from the safety and privacy of your own home. Dr. Magnant and his providers can review and discuss your leg vein concerns, present the best in innovative evaluation and treatment options available to you at Vein Specialists. We offer a Telemedicine visit option for elective vein consults, for ultrasound follow-up appointments to discuss results, and for post vein procedure follow-up appointments. Several benefits which come with choosing Telemedicine available at Vein Specialists include:

  • Quality Vein Care Equal to an Office Visit
    You will receive the same high-quality care when you choose Telemedicine with Dr. Magnant and his Advanced Providers. Just as if you were in our office, we ensure you feel comfortable and well-informed of your diagnosis and evaluation and treatment options.
  • Convenience
    You don’t have to leave your home to receive expert vein evaluation or advice regarding potential treatments. You can discuss your treatment options based on your completed diagnostic ultrasound and complete your post-treatment follow-up appointments from the comfort of your home.
  • Covered by Insurance
    Most insurance plans cover vein evaluations via Telemedicine. You can receive expert vein care advice without worry.
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What is the difference between a Telemedicine Visit and an eVein screening?

Currently, we are only offering evaluations via Telemedicine to our established patients to complete their required appointments such as:

  • Discussing ultrasound results
  • Learning about treatment options
  • Completing final post-op visits

If you are not an established patient and have leg vein concerns, Dr. Magnant and his Advanced Providers can assess your concerns virtually when you complete an eVein screening. Simply submit your confidential questionnaire and digital photos directly to us by clicking on the link below, and Dr. Magnant & his staff will review your responses and leg photos and will contact you within 24 working hours with their recommendations. Likely, this will include scheduling a live, in-person consultation and possibly a venous ultrasound.

Better Doctor. Better Care.

Dr. Joseph Magnant is a board-certified vascular surgeon who uses the latest in innovative, noninvasive vein evaluation and treatment options to give you healthier legs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, yes. Contact your insurance carrier to be sure.

Yes, but you must participate using our encrypted platform, designed specifically for medical appointments. Platforms such as Skype and FaceTime are not secure enough for this.

Telemedicine refers specifically to remote clinical services. Telehealth refers to a broader scope of virtual health care services which may include remote monitoring of certain physiologic medical measurements such as weight, blood sugar, blood pressure or heart rate.

You may use a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a web camera (webcam).

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