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VenaSeal™ Vein Treatment in Fort Myers

The VenaSeal™ Closure System is a premium FDA-approved safe and effective minimally invasive vein treatment. VenaSeal™  works by delivering a specially formulated medical adhesive agent that closes down the diseased veins in patients with symptomatic venous insufficiency. The blood then re-routes to healthy veins and symptoms improve. VenaSeal™ is the only non-tumescent, non-thermal, non-sclerosant procedure approved for use in the U.S. that uses a specially formulated medical adhesive to close veins. The procedure is administered with the use of local anesthesia, minimizing the need for needle sticks. This translates to less potential complications, little-to-no pain and extremely fast recovery. The recovery time for this procedure is immediate, making it a sought after method for those suffering from vein disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any preparations before the procedure?

  • You will not need to do any prepping before your appointment. Before your VenaSeal™ procedure can begin, however, your doctor will take an ultrasound of your leg to assess the affected vein.

Q: What should I expect during the procedure? Will it hurt?

  • Your skin will be given an injection with a numbing agent at the site where the doctor will insert the catheter into your vein. You will feel a pinprick sensation upon getting the injection.
  • Your doctor will insert the catheter into your vein once your skin is completely numb. You will feel some pressure during this as they place the catheter into alignment.
  • The medical adhesive that is delivered into the vein needs to be distributed into various places of the vein. You may feel pressure during the movement of the catheter.
  • Your doctor will be using ultrasound guidance to ensure they administer the medical adhesive in the proper locations along the diseased vein.
  • After releasing the medical adhesive into the vein, your doctor will remove the catheter and then place a bandage over the site where he/she entered the skin with the catheter.

Q: Am I able to walk and drive after receiving VenaSeal™ ?

  • Yes, you will be able to walk and drive immediately following the VenaSeal™ procedure.
  • There is practically no recovery time needed. You can go about your normal activities, although your doctor may give you specific instructions on what they recommend for the next 24 hours in regards to activity.

Q: What happens to the medical adhesive in the vein?

  • The medical adhesive will close off the vein and will be safely absorbed by your body.
  • The diseased vein will also be absorbed by your body in the coming weeks.


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Patient Testimonials

  • Anonomyous

    I had awesome results from my procedures! Everyone from the doctor to the receptionist was pleasant and very exceptional at their jobs!

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  • PatientPatient

    Excellent customer service very professional when you go into the office you feel like family immediately. Very kind very responsive to your questions or needs. I feel the whole staff makes you feel welcome and always have a smile on their face.

    Read More
  • Patient

    Very caring and kind staff. I felt completely comfortable during my office visits and vein procedure. I also thank the kind and caring way Dr. Magnant took care of me. Finally, I am appreciate Dr. Magnant for taking the time to explain and allow me to see the procedure. I am completely satisfied with my excellent care.

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  • Carissa RCarissa R

    I love this place and it's doctors! They are kind, patient, knowledgeable and informative of everything. I'm glad I chose Vein Specialists for my varicose vein issues!

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  • Karen CKaren C

    Dr Magnant and his Staff are the greatest professionals in a Medical office...the take time with you..make sure all your questions are answered...Dr Magnant makes your procedure go so smooth and pain free...

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  • Marnie C.Marnie C.

    I've had 2 procedures done(1 per leg), including an extensive pre-op testing, post-op follow-up & testing, & the BEST TREATMENT I'VE EVER RECEIVED! Dr... Read More

  • Pat D.Pat D.

    I was so impressed with Nurse Practitioner, April Stowers, that I wanted to share
    my experience when I went in as a patient at Vein Specialists.

    She is so... Read More

  • Melanie C.Melanie C.

    Dr Magnant and his team at vein specialists are top notch! The office is super clean and beautifully designed. They go out of their way to make you... Read More

  • William EpranianWilliam Epranian

    I just had my follow-up ultrasound done on my left leg today. I had the right leg done on Monday of last week. Glad to report no clots in either leg. Clotting is the complication they seemed most concerned about.
    If any of my friends are dealing with the pain and discomfort of varicose veins or just tired of the ugly appearance of bulging veins in your legs. I can highly recommend Dr Magnant and his extremely professional staff.
    I have had visible veins in my right leg since a knee injury when I was a teenager. Over the years it had grown to affect both legs. Likely from always being on my feet for work, and especially because I often had employment that involved a lot of crouching/squatting down. Sometimes until my lower legs fell asleep. I fortunately have always been an active person outside of work and regular exercise kept the pain at bay for many years. But I'm no spring chicken anymore.
    A little over two years ago, my assignment changed at work and I now spend more time at my desk . Within a few months the pain at the end of the day really began bothering me (and I have a very high pain tolerance).
    This was the third specialist I had been to locally in the last two years. I don't want to name the others, however I will say that they all seemed to be rather disorganized for a medical facility, or the staff seemed to be overwhelmed and the diagnostic procedures (ultrasound particularly) done before the actual surgery were not even comparable to the level of care I received from every member of the staff here.
    I am also very fortunate and blessed to have excellent insurance that covered the procedure 100% since my deductible was already met for the year.

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  • Karen Kaye CorirossiKaren Kaye Corirossi

    Dr Magnet and his Staff are the greatest professionals in a Medical office...the take time with you..make sure all your questions are answered...Dr Magnet makes your procedure go so smooth and pain free...

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  • Linda Pinero TirpakLinda Pinero Tirpak

    Scheduled to have procedure done. Staff was awesome!!

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  • Sue CollinsSue Collins

    Dr Mangant is not only a fabulous surgeon but has a wonderful personality and bedside manner. He speaks TO you not AT you. Every single staff member from the front desk to the gals and guys performing the ultrasound and everyone in between are knowledgeable and gracious. Love them all! Thank you for all you do for each one of us.

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  • Bekah N Mark BowmanBekah N Mark Bowman

    Varicose veins are uncomfortable and all-pervasive - I believe it's estimated that over a third of both women and men in this country suffer from them. I was one of those people. It seems like my whole adult life I avoided wearing shorts. After doing some research online I decided to visit Vein Specialists to take care of my ugly veins. I have nothing but great things to say about my experience. My treatment turned out to be a great success. Now I am back to wearing shorts and feel amazing. I want to thank the Vein Specialists staff and Dr. Magnant for all their help with not only treating my painful leg veins but also for making me feel comfortable and welcomed. The staff is always sweet, friendly and very accommodating. Dr.Magnant is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Dr Magnet and his staff make sure you are comfortable and that you understand everything every step of the way. I wish more of my doctor's visits were as good of an experience as the one I received at the Vein Specialists.

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  • Thidar Aye ChoThidar Aye Cho

    suggestion for pregnacy women

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  • Tiffany E PiquetteTiffany E Piquette

    It has been almost a year since I had my vein surgery done and woke up this morning and have to say I am so thankful I made my appointment with Dr. Magnant. I no longer have candles which was always a issue with my self confidence now I have the sexy legs I have always wanted. All I can say is thank you.

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