Iliac Vein Compression Syndrome

May-Thurner Syndrome

Intravascular Ultrasound

Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) is a cutting edge, catheter based, ultrasound technology, which allows for precise identification of iliac vein obstructions as well as guidance for intravascular stent placement. The IVUS catheter is about the size of a tip of an ink pen, the end of which has a tiny ultrasound element which allows imaging of the vein from within.

IVUS enables us to directly examine the pelvic veins (iliac veins) which are responsible for draining the blood from the legs back to the heart. Obstruction of the iliac veins from external compression by the overlying iliac artery and the posteriorly located lumbar spine leads to high pressure in the veins below that point. Signs and symptoms of this increased pressure may include pelvic, buttock or hip pain which are typically worse after prolonged sitting or standing. Pelvic congestion syndrome occurs due to the development of cross pelvic collateral “varicose” veins, which may cause increased pelvic pain with menstruation, during or after intercourse(dyspareunia) or when lifting weight or bearing down as in squatting. Iliac vein compression may also contribute to recurrent venous complaints after previous vein ablation or previous vein stripping or excisions. Unexplained unilateral lower extremity edema, thickened & discolored lower leg skin and non-healing leg ulcers may also be caused by significant compression or obstruction of the iliac veins. Advancements in iliac vein ultrasound testing, as well as the application of ultrasound from within the actual vessel (IVUS), has enabled us to more accurately identify pelvic vein occlusive disease. Prior to IVUS there was not an accurate enough test to document iliac vein compression syndrome (IVCS) or post thrombotic (blood clot) iliac vein obstruction. Under IVUS direction, we can now identify disease previously not considered or recognized and offer appropriate patients definitive therapy with iliac stent placement which, with IVUS, can be sized accurately and confirmed to be fully expanded.

IVUS Guided Stent Placement

Iliac vein stent placement is most accurately and precisely accomplished with the use of IVUS. Based on the results of the diagnostic IVUS procedure, individualized plans of therapy can be established based on the location and severity of narrowing. IVUS directed stenting of the diseased (compressed or post thrombotic) segments may be performed either at the time of the diagnostic IVUS exam or in a staged fashion at a later date. IVUS is used to measure the severity of the narrowing (by calculating luminal area reduction compared to expected normal areas which yields a specific percentage of narrowing). Upon completion of stent placement and balloon expansion of the stent when needed, IVUS is also used to confirm optimal stent expansion and apposition of the stent to the vessel wall. Once the lumen of the vein is restored to normal (stented) flow through the stented vein may be increased up to 90% depending on the difference between pre and post stent lumen area . This is analogous to a traffic jam on the highway caused by multiple lane closures, which is then relieved immediately once the barriers have been removed 4 lanes of traffic have been restored. Although placing stents in arteries has been performed for 30 years or more, and IVUS has been used in clinical practice in the arteries and veins for the last 10 years, the application of these two technologies, in concert, to evaluate and treat iliac vein compression syndrome and pelvic vein congestion is the most recent and significant advance in the field of phlebology, or vein care. IVUS has changed our approach for treating patients with either first time or recurrent venous insufficiency whose lower extremity venous insufficiency ultrasounds may not match their clinical severity. It is this group of patients who are most likely to benefit from further iliac vein assessment with intravascular ultrasound to determine whether they might be candidates for iliac vein stent placement.

Iliac Vein Compression

Under IVUS direction, we can now treat disease previously not recognised or appreciated. Stents can be sized accurately and post deployment expansion can be confirmed with IVUS.

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Patient Testimonials

  • Anonomyous

    I had awesome results from my procedures! Everyone from the doctor to the receptionist was pleasant and very exceptional at their jobs!

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  • PatientPatient

    Excellent customer service very professional when you go into the office you feel like family immediately. Very kind very responsive to your questions or needs. I feel the whole staff makes you feel welcome and always have a smile on their face.

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  • Patient

    Very caring and kind staff. I felt completely comfortable during my office visits and vein procedure. I also thank the kind and caring way Dr. Magnant took care of me. Finally, I am appreciate Dr. Magnant for taking the time to explain and allow me to see the procedure. I am completely satisfied with my excellent care.

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  • Carissa RCarissa R

    I love this place and it's doctor! They are kind, patient, knowledgeable and informative of everything. I'm glad I chose Vein Specialists for my varicose vein issues!

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  • Karen CKaren C

    Dr Magnant and his Staff are the greatest professionals in a Medical office...the take time with you..make sure all your questions are answered...Dr Magnant makes your procedure go so smooth and pain free...

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    I've had 2 procedures done(1 per leg), including an extensive pre-op testing, post-op follow-up & testing, & the BEST TREATMENT I'VE EVER RECEIVED! Dr... Read More

  • Pat D.Pat D.

    I was so impressed with Nurse Practitioner, April Stowers, that I wanted to share
    my experience when I went in as a patient at Vein Specialists.

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    Dr Magnant and his team at vein specialists are top notch! The office is super clean and beautifully designed. They go out of their way to make you... Read More

  • Christina LopezChristina Lopez

    Vein Specialist is the best medical practice I have ever set foot in! They are a wonderful group of individuals that make you feel at home. Everyone was so nice and professional from the front desk, nurse practitioners, OR team and let’s not forget Dr. Magnant. I had swelling for 13 years and after having venous ablations on both my legs my swelling has gone away! Thanks so much vein Specialist team you guys are amazing!

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  • Charles WalkerCharles Walker

    Great experience so far. The reception people were great. I can mention Addie who discussed my options, she was knowledgeable and friendly. Also Nadine made buying compression stocking less of a chore. Guys just don't do stockings. Looking forward to correcting my not-so-well functioning veins (and get rid of the knee highs).

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  • Darlene RuppertDarlene Ruppert

    Thank you Dr. Magnant for your amazing work. I had 3 types of vein treatments in both my legs this month. It's a fabulous feeling & seeing the results of having no more pain & swelling. My only regret is that I didn't find you 8 years ago when I started having problems. Best part of it, was your surgical table side manner. Thank you for making me laugh!

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  • Teresa BoehleTeresa Boehle

    I would highly recommend Dr. Magnant and his staff. I went to Dr. Magnant because of years of leg swelling and pain. My calves were so swollen all of the time that I could not wear boots that were not "wide calf". My shoes always had to be "wide" because my feet would swell terribly by the end of the day. Forget about being able to wear the cute rainboots. My ankles had also disappeared for what I assumed would be for life! My job was very demanding and required weekly travel, which I attributed to the difficulty with my legs swelling and pain.

    I wish I had known about venous insufficiency and varicose veins much earlier in my life. I feel that I suffered for no good reason other than lack of knowledge. My leg issues actually started in my 30's and now in my early 50's I realize something could be done.

    After having a consultation with Sharon, ARNP, she said that I "checked all of the boxes" for venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Sharon did a great job explaining what venous insufficiency and varicose veins are and how they affect my body. She also provided me with brochures about my "disease" , which I was grateful to have because I never thought in a million years that I had issues with my veins. Dr. Magnant was wonderful. He walked me through every step of the procedures. He is probably one of the most caring and personable doctors that I have met!

    I had two procedures in each leg. Now I have ankles again and I can see the bone! My calves are no longer swollen and I can even wear rainboots for the first time in my life! And I have lost six pounds without even trying! I can now toss the "wide calf" boots! Thank you Dr. Magnant!

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  • Denisse GalvanDenisse Galvan

    I went to see Dr. Magnant for a varicose vein I didn’t like. Sometimes I had restless legs & swelling. Being in my 30’s I never thought that what I thought was a superficial problem could have lead to more serious problems later in life and other problems I was having already were all related to my veins. Dr. Magnant makes you feel so comfortable and is really good at distracting you while doing the procedure that’s it feels so quick and painless. I have already recommended ppl go see him because why should anyone wait till the problem is severe. If you have thought about it go see him he’s the best:))

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  • Tina M SenicolaTina M Senicola

    yes. recommend 100% . Just got done having the second vein surgery today...had leaking veins on both legs and duplicate veins..Dr Magnant and his staff are incredible...felt relief after the first thermal vein closure procedure..
    best surgeon and best experience

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  • Joyce ZimmerJoyce Zimmer

    I had an excellent experience with Dr Magnant and his wonderful staff at the Bonita Springs office. Sharon Spoede was very professional and nice while giving me sclerotherapy injections. Thanks, Joyce Zimmer

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