Publix deli worker with varicose veins in Fort Myers, Florida shows off her amazing new legs!Sheila returned to the office today for her second vein procedure. Now two weeks out from her left leg laser endovenous ablation and varicose vein removal, she is the talk of the deli! Not only does her leg feel better but she couldn’t help but to brag to her fellow employees on how good her leg looks. She says, “I’m so glad I don’t have those ugly veins showing and now I am able to wear a dress! The staff was great and the doctor was not so bad either! Like awesome!!” Her excitement over the incredible appearance of her leg sparked envy in another employee whose spouse had the misfortune of having her procedure done at a different vein center and did not have the results they were hoping for.   Its not too late for her to have an evaluation by dedicated vein specialists at Vein Specialists.  Why settle for a Jack of All trades, when you can come to the Masters of ONE!  Vein Specialists! #IlovePublix.

Dr. Magnant

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  1. Dr. Magnant and Dr. Nero are the best vein doctors in all of south Florida. Doctors from all over the country fly down to watch them work. We came down for a training session at his facility in early 2016 and our practice is better for it.

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