It’s been nearly eight months since the Vein Specialists Fort Myers location introduced IVUS (Intravascular ultrasound) to its patients. As you may have read in our earlier blogs, IVUS is the newest technology that allows a catheter based ultrasound to precisely identify and measure pelvic vein blockages.  This unique system allows the surgeon to view and measure from within the actual veins rather than from the outside.

Since introducing this cutting edge technology, many patients have been evaluated with IVUS and treated with iliac vein stents.  They have experienced an improvement in their symptoms, which may have been described prior to treatment as “debilitating” or even “life altering”. As we know, no two individuals are the same, and the same goes for their severity of symptoms as well as their treatment.

As a nurse practititioner at Vein Specialists, I have the responsibility to be present during the IVUS cases to monitor the patients. I find it incredible to see patients who were disheartened that their symptoms may be everlasting to becoming relieved and pleased with their results.  Knowing that there is a way to possibly improve symptoms such as pelvic pain, back of thigh pain, swelling, leg discoloration, pain with intercourse or menstruation, and even buttock pain that could be vein related is a “game changer”.

Prior to undergoing this procedure I have heard patients report; not being able to sit at a restaurant for any length of time due to buttock pain, cutting a vacation short due to groin and thigh discomfort, and not being able to sit on the floor to play with their kids due to  being uncomfortable when getting up. These are just a few of the comments that have been made and now for these patients their symptoms are a thing of the past.

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Although IVUS has been a fairly new offering at Vein Specialist, the newness of hearing your patient report how great they feel will never get old.  I, as well as the other members of Vein Specialist look forward to many more success stories.  

If you experience leg swelling, pelvic or thigh pain, or other symptoms of Iliac Vein Compression, you may be a candidate for further investigation with IVUS and potentially, minimally invasive therapy. Please contact Vein Specialists in Fort Myers, Florida at (239) 694-8346 if you are interested in finding out more about iliac vein compression syndrome and pelvic vein insufficiency and how IVUS is used to make a definitive diagnosis and to guide therapy.


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