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Dr. Magnant is one of just a few Board Certified Vascular Surgeons in the entire state of Florida and the only one in Southwest Florida whose practice is 100% dedicated to and singularly focused on the evaluation and treatment of vein disorders. Vein Specialists is committed to educating patients about the signs and symptoms of venous insufficiency, the underlying causes and risk factors of venous insufficiency and the modern, minimally invasive treatment options available for venous insufficiency.

The following pages are general outlines of the treatment timeline at Vein Specialists for the average patient with symptoms of venous insufficiency. Our process begins with patients visiting our website and signing up for our online patient portal. This gives patients access to:

- All online services offered by Dr. Magnant and Vein Specialists.
– Update their demographics, insurance, medications and health history information.
– Update their email address and other forms of communication.
– View their history of previous visits.
– View and update their billing information.

Patient Portal