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Welcome to Vein Specialist Training-Expert Education for the Expert Practitioner

The purpose of Vein Specialists’ advanced physician training in venous disease is to offer the actively practicing phlebologist additional tools needed to optimize the performance of their practice. The key to developing a successful and sustaining venous practice includes the use of logical diagnostic diagnostic and treatment algorithms, expert and performance and interpretation of objective noninvasive duplex evaluation by experienced professionals and a conservative approach to disease management with efficiently designed treatment plans. Patient and physician education are the cornerstones to continued growth of a balanced referral base. Education is the cornerstone of a successful practice, of the individual patient, the general public community and of your potential physician referral base. Our passion at Vein Specialists is in the education of others regarding venous insufficiency. I believe the current technology of thermal ablation is our best bet in terms of treating patients safely and effectively and I will leave to others the pursuit of a better “mousetrap”.

Vein Specialists’advanced physician training program is an immersion experience for physicians where they can observe 10-12 endovenous ablation procedures per day for 1, 2 or 3 days. Physician exposure to microphlebectomy and injection sclerotherapy are also possible. Private training sessions allows more intimate discussions to occur regarding the finer points of the procedures, pearls and other “tricks” we have developed to successfully complete endovenous ablations without having to struggle for access, proper leg position or adequate anesthesia. Vein Specialists offers ethical treatment plans and reserves endovenous ablations for patients with significant signs or symptoms of venous insufficiency in the setting of significant superficial reflux disease. Our interest in training physicians is really founded in the goal of ensuring the highest quality of vein care for as many patients who will eventually benefit from endovenous therapies. Thus, Dr. Magnant is willing to train any and all physicians with hands on experience in phlebology, who aspire to practice quality venous medicine. I only ask that you exercise some degree of selectivity in terms of those you send for training as it will only further benefit your company in the long term to have quality and dedicated physicians offering the Venefit procedure to their patients.

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