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Check your veins before (or after) hip or knee replacement! Reduce your risks of complications.

This patient had left leg swelling for the past six months since his left total knee replacement. He had two ultrasounds which negative for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) yet his swelling and pain persisted. On further review of his history … Continue reading

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What will you RESOLVE to do in 2015?

As each New Year dawns, many of us spend the weeks or months preceding the turning of the calendar contemplating potential New Year resolutions. I have RESOLVED to renew and further my commitment to the education of the general public … Continue reading

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A Vein Screening Could Preserve Your Leg Health

Are You at Risk? People are often quick to blame the development of vein disorders on aging. Some patients even regard vein disease as inevitable, something that will happen regardless of lifestyle, a natural consequence of the aging process. You … Continue reading

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